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Name: KCIT/OPS/CSS - IT Service Center
Description: Service Desk provides a single point of contact for customers; pro-actively keep end users and/or analysts/technicians informed of all relevant King County Enterprise Systems service events, actions and service changes that are likely to affect them and f
Parent Group: KCIT/OPS - Customer Support Service Division Section (CSS)
Phone: 206-263-4357
Mail Stop: CNK-EX-0700
Group Location:
Chinook Building
401 5th Ave Ste 700
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To:  
Web Link:
Keywords: KCIT, technology, service events, help, help desk, helpdesk, password resets, LAN ticket, account management
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Brown, Julie LAN Administrator -Journey (206) 205-7172
Clabaugh, Stephen LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-8119
Coffing, Steve LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-4357
Crawford, Tracy LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-8923
Magass, Frank LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-4357
Mclaughlin, Diane LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-4357
Monroe, Kanesa LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-4357
Murray, William (Will) LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 205-5629
Nguyen, Tuan G. LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-4357
Olsen, Quyen LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 296-1368
Osorio, Katherine IT Services Supervisor (206) 263-8900
Plank, Jennifer LAN Administrator - Journey (206) 263-4357
Wallace, Morgan Email Administrator - Journey (206) 263-8001
Yitref, Guenet IT Services Supervisor (206) 477-0517
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