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Name: DJA - Customer and Financial Services Division (CFSD)
Description: This division encompasses cashiering, receipt of funds and new case filings; processing of civil judgments; Collections of Criminal Legal Financial Obligations; and accounting and disbursement of funds for the King County Superior Court Clerk or Departmen
Parent Group: Department of Judicial Administration (DJA)
Phone: 206-296-9300
Mail Stop: KCC-JA-0609
Group Location:
King County Courthouse
516 Third Ave Rm 609
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: Jane Swanson , Customer and Financial Services Manager
Web Link:
Keywords: customer service, access, court files, access to court files, cashiers, receipt of funds, new case filings, processing of civil and criminal judgements, collections, accounting and disbursements, new case filings
Printable Phone Lists  Staff

Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Edwards, Regina Supervisor II (206) 477-0811
Fuseini, Denise Supervisor II (206) 477-0830
Lazzara, Karen Supervisor II (206) 477-0815
Swanson, Jane Customer and Financial Services Manager (206) 477-8382
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Subordinate Groups

Group Name Reports To Group Phone
DJA/CFSD - Accounting  Regina Edwards (206) 477-0812 
DJA/CFSD - Cashiers  Karen Lazzara (206) 477-0816 
DJA/CFSD - Customer Services  Denise Fuseini (206) 296-9300 
DJA/CFSD - Disbursements  Regina Edwards (206) 477-0813 
DJA/CFSD - ExParte Via the Clerk  Karen Lazzara (206) 477-0817 
DJA/CFSD - Judgments  Regina Edwards (206) 477-0814 
DJA/CFSD - LFO Collectors  Karen Lazzara (206) 477-0818 
DJA/CFSD - Records Access  Denise Fuseini (206) 477-0832 
DJA/CFSD - Working Copies  Denise Fuseini (206) 205-8421 
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
DJA: Finance, Judgments, Accounting, Disbursements   206-
Records Access, Domestic Violence / Protection Orders, eWorking Copies   206-477-0830
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