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Name: Department of Public Health (DPH)
Description: The Mission of Public Health — Seattle & King County is to protect and improve the health and well-being of all people in King County, as defined by per person healthy years lived. Whenever possible, employ strategies, policies and interventions to reduce health disparities.
Parent Group: KCEO - Operations
Phone: 206-296-4600
Fax: 206-296-0166
TTY: Relay: 711
Mail Stop: CNK-PH-1300
Group Location:
Chinook Building
401 5th Ave Ste 1300
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: David Fleming, MD , Director and Health Officer
Group Contact: Esther Day , Confidential Secretary II
Web Link:
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Burgess, PhD, DDS, Moffett Dental Director (206) 263-2468
Day, Esther Confidential Secretary II (206) 263-8695
Fleming, MD, David Director and Health Officer (206) 263-8695
Gadzik, Sharon Confidential Secretary I (206) 263-8694
Gedeon, Michael Chief Administrative Officer (206) 263-9698
Wood, Maria Board of Health Administrator (206) 263-8791
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Subordinate Groups

Group Name Reports To Group Phone
DPH - Assessment, Planning, Development and Evaluation (APDE)  James (Jim) Krieger (206) 263-8767 
DPH - Communications Team  James Apa (206) 263-8698 
DPH - Community Based Public Health Practice    (206) 263-8800 
DPH - Community Health Services Division (CHSD)  Patty Hayes (206) 263-8414 
DPH - Correctional Health & Rehab Services (CHARS)  Bette Pine (206) 296-1082 
DPH - Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS)  James Fogarty (206) 263-8579 
DPH - Environmental Health Services Division (EHD)  Ngozi Oleru (206) 263-9566 
DPH - Finance and Administrative Services Division (FASD)  Michael Gedeon (206) 263-9698 
DPH - King County Health Action Plan  (206) 296-4669 
DPH - Preparedness Section  (206) 263-8687 
DPH - Prevention Division (PD)  (206) 263-8174 
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Autopsy Reports 206-731-3232
Birth Certificates 206-897-4551 or toll-free, 1-800-325-6165, ext. 6-4768
Breast, Cervical & Colon Health Program 206-263-8200
Children with Special Health Care Needs 206-263-8377
Clinic and Office Locations 206-296-4600
Communicable Diseases 206-296-4774
Communicable Diseases and Immunization Hotline 206-296-4949
Death Certificates 206-897-4551
Dental Care for Babies and Children -- ABCD 206-263-8750
Emergency Medical Services: Community Programs and Education 206-296-4693
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training: BLS (Basic Life Support) Training and Education 206-263-8576
Family Planning Services and Resources 206-296-4600
Food business permits 206-263-9566
Food Poisoning or Food Handling Complaints 206-296-4774
Food worker/handler permits 206-263-9566
Health and Wellness -- Public Health Nurse Services 206-296-4600
Health Data Requests 206-263-8786
Health Insurance Information 206-296-4600
HIV/AIDS Program: confidential/anonymous HIV testing appointments 206-263-2000
HIV/AIDS Program: One on One -- early access service for HIV positive people 206-263-2000
HIV/AIDS Research Library 206-263-2000
Household Hazardous Waste - Household Hazards Line 206-296-4692
Immunization Program 206-296-4774
Indoor Air Quality/Mold Problems 206-263-9566
King County Board of Health 206-296-4600
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program 206-296-4692
Meat cutter license, testing and study information 206-263-9566
Needle Exchange 206-296-4649
Onsite Sewage System (Wastewater Program) 206- 296-4932
Oral Health/Dental Program 206-263-8750
Pest/Rodent Control 206-263-9566
Plumbing/Gas Piping Inspections and Permits 206-263-9566
Restaurant Closures 206-263-9566
Restaurant Inspections Online 206-263-9566
Septic Systems - Inspections and Permits 206-296-4932
STD Clinic 206-744-3590
Teen Health Centers 206-296-4600
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program 206-263-8271
Travel Immunizations 206-296-4960
Tuberculosis Control/Testing 206-744-4579
Violence and Injury Prevention 206-296-4600
WIC (Women, Infants and Children) - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program 206-296-4600
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