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Name: DPH/PD/ID - STD Clinics
Description: To provide or assure diagnostic, treatment, education, and support service to King County residents and health care providers so that the frequencies of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection and their complications are reduced
Parent Group: DPH - Prevention Division (PD)
Phone: 206-744-3590
Fax: 206-744-4151
Mail Stop: NJB-PH-1100
Group Location:
Harborview Medical Center
908 Jefferson, 11th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To:  
Web Link:
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Allen, Edith Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-4377
Fleming, Mark Project Program Manager II (206) 744-6094
Garcia-Smith, Hal Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-4375
Heidere, Katie Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-2736
Marks, Robert Project Program Manager III (206) 744-2275
McTighe, Mary Jo Health Care Assistant (206) 744-6072
Medina, Antelia Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-8005
Miller, Adriene Project/Program Manager II (206) 744-8275
Nunez, Angela Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-4395
Okita, Keith Functional Analyst II (206) 744-2484
Pedersen, Rolf Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-4376
Perry, Michelle Disease Intervention Specialist (206) 744-2726
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