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Name: Department of Executive Services (DES)
Description: The Department of Executive Services (DES) provides nearly all internal services to King County government and a variety of public services to its citizens. The department includes Records and Licensing Services, Human Resource Management, Finance and Business Operations, Facilities Management Division, Office of Emergency Management, Office of Civil Rights, Ethics Office, Office of Risk Management, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Parent Group: KCEO - Operations
Phone: 206-263-9750
Fax: 206-205-0840
Mail Stop: CNK-ES-0135
Group Location:
Chinook Building
401 5th Ave Ste 0135
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: Caroline Whalen , County Administrative Officer
Web Link:
Keywords: Employment. HRD, FMD, FBOD, Payroll, Emergency, Risk, Records, Licensing, Finance
Printable Phone Lists  Staff

Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Abernethy, Shawn Human Resource Service Manager (206) 263-1302
Caldwell, Julie Executive Assistant (206) 477-0204
Gadzik, Sharon HR Associate (206) 263-8694
Hayes, Cecelia Equity and Engagement Manager (206) 477-3130
Irwin, Jennifer Human Resource Analyst (206) 263-0601
James, Robert Senior Human Resource Analyst (206) 263-9414
Koney, Thomas Deputy Director (206) 263-9755
Lucero, Danielle Business & Finance Administrator (206) 477-9376
Satterfield, Cameron Communications Manager (206) 263-9758
Whalen, Caroline County Administrative Officer (206) 263-9750
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Subordinate Groups

Group Name Reports To Group Phone
DES - Board of Ethics  Kelli Williams (206) 263-7821 
DES - Business Resource Center (BRC)  Carmel Call (206)  
DES - Facilities Management Division (FMD)  Anthony Wright (206) 477-9352 
DES - Finance & Business Operations Division (FBO)  Ken Guy (206) 263-9258 
DES - Human Resources Division (HRD)  Caroline Whalen (206) 477-3234 
DES - Office of Emergency Management  Walt Hubbard (206) 296-3830 
DES - Records and Licensing Services Division (RALS)  Norm Alberg (206) 263-2880 
DES - Risk Management (RM)  Jennifer Hills (206) 263-2250 
DES/FMD - Real Estate Services Section  Bryan Hague (206) 477-9349 
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Appealing Assessed Property Value 206-477-3400
Assessments Business Personal Property 206-296-5126
Deferred Compensation - Finance 206-263-9250
Employment Discrimination 206-263-2446
Fair Contracting Practices 206-263-2446
FBO - Accounts Payable 206-263-9408
FBO - Accounts Receivable   206-263-9370
FBO - Collection Enforcement   206-263-2646
FBO - Foreclosure (Annual) Real Estate Property Tax 206-263-2649
FBO - Gambling Tax 206-263-1935
FBO - Gambling Tax Collection 206-263-1935
FBO - Investments and Debt Management 206-263-2866
FBO - Procurement and Payables 206-263-9400
FBO - Property Tax Customer Service 206-263-2890
Regional Animal Services of King County 206-296-7387 (PETS)
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