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Group Name: Department of Public Defense (DPD)
Parent Group: KCEO - Operations
Web Link: https://www.kingcounty.gov/courts/public-defense.aspx

Group Employee List

Employee Name




Alburas, Christina Paralegal 206-477-0303
Alho, Kieran HR Associate 206-263-2862
Ansah, Richard HR Veteran Fellow II 206-477-1088
Brinster, Jeanette Felony Practice Director 206-477-9119
Brown, Katrina Coordinator 206-263-2169
Cantu-Bash, Gloria Coordinator 206-263-2170
Chau, Joanna Fiscal Specialist III 206-477-2097
Clemens, Gwen Director of Administrative Services and Operations 206-263-9686
Clement, Marcella Fiscal Specialist II 206-263-2175
Doherty, Tracy Project/Program Manager II 206-263-2677
Federighi, Laura Chief Financial Officer 206-477-3806
Felsman, Kris Coordinator 206-477-8727
Gilman, Kathy Executive Assistant 206-263-2162
Harris, Alexandra Public Records Specialist 206-263-0575
Hernandez, Rose Public Defense Interviewer 206-263-1378
Hill, Gordon Special Litigation Attorney - Criminal 206-477-9006
Howard, Terry Project Program Manager III 206-263-1462
Johnson, Shirley Administrative Specialist II 206-263-2160
Khandelwal, Anita Deputy Director of Law and Policy 206-263-2816
Kovalchuk, Sergey Business and Finance Officer IV 206-477-3808
Kyle-Griffiths, La Mer Deputy Director of Workforce, Learning and Growth 206-477-8843
Louis, Mary Human Resource Manager 206-263-9008
Makaryan, Emiliya Executive Assistant 206-477-9121
Moland, Linda Public Defense Interviewer 206-477-2003
Montgomery, Cassandra Human Resource Analyst 206-263-5866
Oberlander, Melanie Administrative Supervisor 206-477-9247
Petersen, Robert (Burns) Director of Assigned Counsel 206-477-8966
Pola, Bill Veteran Fellow III 206-477-4206
Romero, Kim Public Defense Interviewer 206-477-2002
Rudd, Jonathan Administrative Staff Assistant 206-477-8558
Sarhan, Atef (Andy) Public Defense Interviewer 206-477-2004
Tugublimas, Rosemarie Coordinator 206-263-2172
Urs, Tara Special Litigation Attorney - Civil 206-477-8789
Van Buskirk, Irma Human Resource Analyst - Senior 206-263-9002
Weidlich, Stev Research and Data Analyst 206-263-0772
Weigel, Tammi Public Defense Interviewer 206-477-2059
Wrenn, Denise (Chelley) Fiscal Specialist III 206-263-1463
Yescas, Claudia Public Defense Coordinator 206-477-9036
Youngcourt, Lorinda King County Public Defender 206-263-2162