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Name: DNRP/WLRD/CSS - Habitat Restoration Unit
Description: Designs, permits, implements, and monitors habitat restoration and mitigation projects. The Unit also provides program guidance on environmental and regulatory issues and manages the Small Habitat Restoration Program and the Washington Conservation Corps Program.
Parent Group: DNRP/WLRD - Capital Services Section (CSS)
Phone: 206-477-4706
Secondary Phone: 206-477-4800
Fax: 206-296-0192
TTY: 800-833-6388
Mail Stop: KSC-NR-5600
Group Location:
King Street Center
201 S Jackson Street, Suite 5600
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Reports To: Jon Hansen , Capital Projects Managing Supervisor
Web Link:
Keywords: Endangered Species Act, ESA, biological assessment, BA, ecosystems, habitat restoration, permit application preparation, water quality engineering, geomorphologic analysis, salmon recovery, mitigation
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Adler, Paul Environmental Scientist II (206) 477-4606
Brooks, Sophie Environmental Scientist I (206) 263-1828
Brown III, Nathan Project Program Manager III (206) 477-4654
Calimpong, Crescent Environmental Specialist III (206) 477-2738
Chiang, Sophie Environmental Scientist III (206) 263-6983
Duncan, Brandon Engineer II (206) 263-5881
Ewing, Chris Engineer III (206) 477-3027
Garric, Craig Senior Engineer (206) 477-4694
Hallenius, Alex Engineer III (206) 477-6512
Harenda, Mary Capital Project Manager III (206) 263-2908
Hartema, Laura Environmental Scientist II (206) 477-4708
Hopkins, Kelsey Engineer II (206) 477-6257
Hurley, Todd Environmental Scientist III (206) 477-4714
Kis-Young, Darian Engineer II (206) 263-0937
Krall, Michelle Environmental Scientist IV (206) 477-9147
Mansfield, Willis (Will) Engineer IV (206) 477-4817
McCarthy, Sarah Environmental Scientist IV (206) 477-4766
Montgomery, Sarah Capital Project Manager III (206) 477-0665
Muchard, Scott Engineer III (206) 477-7875
Nopp, Fauna Capital Project Manager IV (206) 477-4787
O'Rollins, Wm. Laird (Laird) Environmental Scientist III (206) 477-4790
Olivares, Cristina Engineer II (206) 477-4702
Pessoa, Deborah Senior Engineer (206) 206-263-6745
Robinson, Jeff Capital Project Manager III (206) 477-9613
Saleh, Cynthia Environmental Scientist I (206) 477-6388
Steele, Andrew Engineer II (206) 477-7671
Thai, Michael Environmental Scientist II (206) 477-3606
Toal, Cody Environmental Scientist II (206) 477-4838
Wilhelm, Jennifer (Jo) Environmental Scientist III (206) 477-4849
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)   206-477-4706
Small Habitat Restoration Program (SHRP) 206-477-4651
Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) Crew   206-477-4606
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