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Name: DPH - Assessment, Policy Development and Evaluation Unit (APDE)
Description: The Assessment, Policy Development and Evaluation Unit (APDE) performs assessment and evaluation of population-based data and interventions, integrating qualitative analysis, and policy development. We are a multidisciplinary group of epidemiologists, social research scientists, and policy specialists. We collaborate with community and other Public Health - Seattle & King County departments, using and developing state-of-the-art techniques for data collection and analysis. Our goal is to provide leadership and technical assistance for population-level health assessment, data-driven program planning, program evaluation, and policy.
Parent Group: Department of Public Health (DPH)
Phone: 206-263-8811
Fax: 206-296-0166
Mail Stop: CNK-PH-1300
Group Location:
Chinook Building
401 5th Ave Ste 1300
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: Marguerite Ro , Chief PH - APDE
Group Contact: Tamara Babasinian , Administrator II
Web Link:
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Babasinian, Tamara Administrator II (206) 263-8774
Bolt, Kaylin Social Research Scientist (206) 263-0964
Buher, Anne Social Research Scientist (206) 477-7745
Casey, Daniel Epidemiologist II (206) 263-2207
Chan, Nadine Epidemiologist III / Asst. Chief of APDE Unit (206) 263-8784
Chen, Roxana Social Research Scientist (206) 263-1679
Colombara, Danny Epidemiologist II (206) 263-0269
Dawadi, Shuva Epidemiologist II (206) 263-1273
DiMiscio, Michelle Health Care Assistant (206) 263-8234
Gray Bird, Linda Administrative Specialist Il (206) 263-8767
Hernandez, Susan Epidemiologist II (206) 263-0943
Hsu, Joie Project/Program Manager II (206) 263-0907
Joseph, Aley Epidemiologist II (206) 263-1319
Kern, Eli Epidemiologist II (206) 263-8727
Kramer, Bradley Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-1270
Laurent, Amy Epidemiologist III (206) 263-8779
Marshall, Jamaal Epidemiologist I (206) 263-0821
Matheson, Alastair Epidemiologist II (206) 477-7683
McCraney, Joyce Health Care Assistant (206) 263-1945
McGroder, Nancy Project Program Manager I (206) 263-8708
Moore, Kristin Epidemiologist II (206) 477-7658
Ro, Marguerite Chief PH - APDE (206) 263-8811
Rodriguez, Maria Health Care Assistant (206) 263-8240
Sanford, Sara Epidemiologist I (206) 263-0868
Smyser, Mike Epidemiologist II (206) 263-8780
Song, Lin Epidemiologist II (206) 263-8773
Ta, Myduc Epidemiologist II (206) 263-8772
Tippens, Kimberly Social Research Scientist (206) 263-1168
Torres Mehdipour, Mariel Regional Health Administrator (206) 477-8620
Toyoji, Mariko Epidemiologist I (206) 263-0924
Turcheti E Melo, Nicole Social Research Scientist (206) 263-3006
Wong, Eva Epidemiologist II (206) 263-8785
Worden, Susan Finance Manager (206) 263-0132
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Health Data Requests 206-263-8786
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