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Name: DCHS/Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division (DDECSD)
Description: The Developmental Disabilities Division assists people with developmental disabilities and their families with child development, family resource coordination, employment services, community access opportunities, and community support programs.
Parent Group: Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) Director's Office
Phone: 206-263-9055
Fax: 206-205-1632
Mail Stop: CEN-HS-0820
Group Location:
Central Building
810 Third Avenue, Suite 820
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: Magan Cromar , Division Director
Web Link:
Keywords: Developmental Disabilities, School-to-Work, Employment, Early Support for Infants and Toddlers, Community Access, Community Inclusion, Community Information and Outreach, Birth to Three
Printable Phone Lists  Staff

Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Cannon, Sally Project/Program Manager (206) 477-6699
Carrillo, Soledad Project/Program Manager II (206) 468-8509
Carter, Thomas Business and Finance Officer II (206) 263-5523
Chau, Jhan-Moneeh Fiscal Specialist II (206) 263-6798
Cho, Sung Capacity Development Program Manager (206) 477-6988
Cole, Reginald Project/Program Manager (206) 263-6759
Cromar, Magan Division Director (206) 263-9045
Dodson-Dance, Shanelle Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Coordinator (206) 482-8327
Donelan, Debra "Debi" Prenatal to Five Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Lead (206) 263-8877
Escobar, Juliette Prenatal to Five Early Promotion Lead (206) 263-0878
Espinosa-Snow, Elizabeth "Liz" Project/Program Manager II (206) 502-5059
Festa, Katherine Project/Program Manager I (206) 263-9053
Glenn, Cassandra Project/Program Manager II (206) 263-7999
Go Hollo, Tatsuko Prenatal to Five Child Health Lead (206) 399-7695
Habte, Asmeret Best Starts for Kids Early Childhood Supports Lead (206)
Hall, Joseph "Joe" Business and Finance Officer II (206) 477-4040
Harris, Wendy early Childhood Team Co-Lead (206) 263-9052
Hart, Emily School-to-Work Project/Program Manager II (206) 477-7661
Locke, Hannah Prenatal to Five Innovations Lead (206) 512-0362
Lok, Louis Program Evaluator (206) 263-9047
Lynch, Karla Employment and Community Access Program Manger III (206) 263-1102
Martinez, Alicia Prenatal to Five Social-Emotional Wellbeing Lead (206) 2630944
Monday, Michaelle Special Projects Manager (206) 263-9055
Ott, James "Jim" Information and Outreach Manager (206) 263-9060
Pak, Amy Project/Program Manager (206) 263-8682
Pan, Lisa Contract Monitor (206) 447-9382
Quinn, Luke Project/Program Manager IV (206) 852-4197
Redway, Laird Project/Program Manager (206) 263-9624
Reyes-Gil, Lorena Project/Program Manager (206) 263-1166
Rojas Reyes, Simon Project/Program Manager II (206) 263-8074
Sarka, Ebasa Project/Program Manager III (206)
Solberg, Gina Project/Program Manager (206) 263-0797
Stremel, Susan "Susy" Adult Services Manager (206) 263-9046
Tran, Vy Prenatal to Five Workforce Development Lead (206) 247-5091
Wilson, Richard School-to-Work Program Manager III (206) 263-9044
Wolfstone, Jenna Project Program Manager III (206) 263-8860
Woo, Holly Assistant Division Director (206) 263-9017
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
DDD Housing Assistance 206-263-9053
Developmental Disablity Advocacy 206-263-9049
Early Childhood Development 206-263-9052 or 263-9045
Employment Services 206-263-9049 or 263-9046
Retirement 206-263-9049
School Readiness 206-263-9045 or 263-9052
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