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Name: DNRP/SWD - Recycling and Environmental Services Section (RESS)
Description: Recycling and Environmental Services is a resource for food scrap recycling, household hazardous waste, green building, product stewardship, Brownfields and contaminated sites, Special Waste and other waste prevention and recycling topics. In addition to these programmatic functions.
Parent Group: DNRP/SWD - Director's Office, Solid Waste Division
Phone: 206-296-4361
Fax: 206-296-0197
Mail Stop: KSC-NR-0701
Group Location:
King Street Center
201 S Jackson St Rm 701
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: Jeffrey (Jeff) Gaisford , Recycling and Environmental Services Section Manager
Group Contact: Michael Denson , Administrative Specialist II
Web Link:
Keywords: recycling reduction national waste prevention coalition grants wastemobile composting education, green schools, special waste
Printable Phone Lists  Staff

Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Alekel, Dale Project/Program Manager III (206) 477-5267
Auster, Lucy Project/Program Manager III (206) 477-5268
Barker, Teresa (Terri) Environmental Scientist III (206) 477-5214
Beatty, Kris Unit Supervisor (206) 477-4620
Berg, Alexander (Alex) Heath and Environmental Investigator III (206) 477-9614
Catabay , Nori Project/Program Manager III (206) 477-5269
Cole, Lauren Unit Supervisor (206) 477-5270
Darby, Terrrance Project/Program Manager II (206) 263-2860
Deller, Kinley Project/Program Manager II (206) 477-5272
Denson, Michael Administrative Specialist II (206) 263-5853
Erzen, Alex Project/Program Manager II (206) 477-5273
Fujikawa, Celine Environmental Intern III (206) 263-3730
Gaisford, Jeffrey (Jeff) Recycling and Environmental Services Section Manager (206) 477-5275
Gardner, Tristen Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-0400
Impson, Mary Junk Vehicle Investigator (206) 477-0297
Lai, Andrea Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-1010
Lee, Megan Environmental Intern II (206) 263-1546
Li, Lina Intern II (206) 263-03122
Little, Canyon Health and Environmental Investigator III (206) 477-7742
Marx, Joshua (Josh) Unit Supervisor (206) 477-5280
May, Karen Project/Program Manager (206) 477-5281
Mitchell, Julie Project/Program Manager III (206) 477-5283
Mouton, Michell Communications Manager, Hazardous Waste Program (206) 477-4391
Neely, James (Jim) Unit Supervisor (206) 477-5284
Ochoa, Jose Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-5958
Petrie, Kathleen Project/Program Manager III (206) 477-2482
Pyle, Kerwin Project Program Manager III (206) 477-5278
Sepanski, Lisa Project/Program Manager (206) 477-5286
Smith, Andrew Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-3387
Tan, Adrian Policy and Market Development Manager-PPM III (206) 263-8635
Upshaw-Momon, Theresa Health and Environmental Investigator (206) 477-6585
Watson, Thomas (Tom) Project/Program Manager (206) 477-4481
Wolf, Peggy Environmental Scientist II (206) 263-1094
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Appliance Recycling 206-477-4466
Cleanup of Contaminated Commercial & Industrial Sites (Brownfields Program) 206-477-5268
Community Litter Cleanup Program 206-477-4624
Construction and Demolition Recycling 206-477-5272
Contaminated Sites Management Program 206-477-5284
Coordinated Prevention Grants (CPG) 206-477-4624
Earth Heroes at School Program 206-477-5282
EcoConsumer 206-477-4481
Elementary School Programs 206-477-5282
Food Scrap Collection & Composting 206-477-5271
Garbage and Recycling Information 206-477-4466
Green Building Program 206-477-4621
Green Holidays 206-477-4466
Green Schools Program 206-477-5267
Hazardous Waste School Programs 206-477-5282
Household Hazardous Waste Education 206-296-8459
Household Hazardous Waste Schools Assistance 206-296-8459
Household Hazardous Wastemobile 206-296-4692
How to Reduce Junk Mail 206-477-4466
King County Programs for Educators Directory 206-477-5282
Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) - Green Building Rating System 206-477-4621
LinkUp Program 206-477-4620
Master Recycler Composter Program (MRC) 206-477-5281
Natural Connections Video 206-477-5282
Natural Yard Care 206-477-4466
Northwest Product Stewardship Council (NWPSC) 206-477-5286
Recycling Collection Events 206-477-4466
Recycling Policy Issues 206-477-5280
Regional Recycling Education 206-477-5271
Secondary School Programs 206-477-5282
Small Quantity Generator Business (SQG) Hazardous Waste Collection 206-477-5283
Solid Waste and Recycling Legislation 206-477-5286
Take It Back Network- Electronic and Fluorescent Bulb/Tube Recycling 206-477-5286
Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) 206-263-3038 or 263-3066
Waste Acceptance 206-477-4466
Waste Clearance 206-477-4466
Waste Monitoring Studies 206-477-5253
Waste Wise Program 206-477-5272
Web Site Management - SWD 206-477-4424
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