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Name: DNRP/WLRD - Stormwater Services Section (SWS)
Description: This section of the Water and Land Resources Division is responsible for coordinating the County''s compliance with state and federal stormwater management regulations that protect water quality and for implementing a variety of stormwater management programs integral to this compliance as well as to the protection of public safety and properties from stormwater runoff. These programs include planning, mapping, design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of stormwater facilities; investigation of reported drainage and water quality problems; water quality code compliance; enforcement to address surface water hazards; updates of stormwater facility design standards; public education; response to rate payer requests for adjustment of surface water fees; stormwater emergency response; and general technical assistance related to all of these programs.
Parent Group: DNRP - Water and Land Resources Division (WLRD)
Phone: 206-477-4811
Fax: 206-296-0192
TTY: 800-833-6388
Mail Stop: KSC-NR-5600
Group Location:
King Street Center
201 S Jackson Street, Suite 5600
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Reports To: Curt Crawford , Section Manager
Group Contact: Celeste Bolden , Administrative Specialist III
Web Link:
Keywords: Stormwater, drainage, catch basins, water quality,
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Bolden, Celeste Administrative Specialist III (206) 477-6683
Crawford, Curt Section Manager (206) 477-4675
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Subordinate Groups

Group Name Reports To Group Phone
DNRP/WLRD/SWS - Asset Management Unit (AMU)  Wesley (Wes) Chin (206) 477-4811 
DNRP/WLRD/SWS - Engineering Support and Response Services Unit (ESRS)  Frederick (Lou) Beck (206) 477-4811 
DNRP/WLRD/SWS - Strategy, Policy, and Performance Unit (SPPU)  John Brosnan (206) 263-1577 
DNRP/WLRD/SWS - Water Quality Compliance Unit (WQCU)  Angela Gallardo (206) 477-4783 
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Catch Basins & Storm Drains 206-477-4811
Drainage Information Line 206-477-4811
Drainage, Neighborhood Drainage Assistance 206-477-4811
Flood, Urban Drainage Emergencies 206-477-4811
Hazardous Waste Spill Emergencies - Unincorporated King County   425-649-7000
Online Drainage Complaints 206-477-4811
Spills/Illegal Discharges - Unincorportated King County 206-477-4811
Stormwater Facility Maintenance 206-477-4811
Surface Water Design Manual Technical Assistance 206-477-4811
Urban Drainage Emergencies 206-477-4811
Vactor Waste Disposal   206-477-4811
Water Quality Best Management Practices 206-477-4811
Water Quality Complaints & Violations 206-477-4811
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