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Name: DPH/PD/ID - Communicable Disease Epidemiology & Immunization Section
Description: Conducts surveillance for notifiable conditions, case and outbreak investigation, and disease response and prevention activities. Manages the child immunization program for King County healthcare providers and facilities, provides technical assistance to all King County immunization providers, conducts activities to promote disease prevention through immunization.
Parent Group: DPH - Prevention Division (PD)
Phone: 206-296-4774
Fax: 206-296-4803
Mail Stop: CNK-HS-0520
Group Location:
Chinook Building
401 5th Ave Ste 520
Seattle, WA 98104
Reports To: Jeff Duchin, MD , Public Health Officer
Web Link:
Keywords: disease, immunization, epidemiology, surveillance, outbreaks, prevention
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Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Acayan, Tiffany Administrator II (206) 263-8233
Armstrong, Hilary Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-0630
Baer, Atar Epidemiologist II (206) 263-8154
Baure, David Public Health Nurse (206) 477-4360
Benoliel, Eileen Public Health Nurse (206) 263-8266
Berliner, Debra Educator Consultant II (206) 263-4161
Brostrom-Smith, Claire Public Health Nurse (206) 477-7753
Chu, Anne Education Specialist (206) 263-9682
Clark, Shauna Public Health Nurse (206) 263-1521
Hatley, Noel Disease Research & Interv. Spc (206) 477-4663
Hotline, Food Poisoning Restaurant Complaints (206) 296-4774
Huntington-Frazier, Melinda Public Health Nurse (206) 477-9179
Kawakami, Vance Veterinarian (206) 263-7971
Kay, Meagan Regional Health Administrator (206) 263-1395
Kovalenko, Erin Administrative Specialist II (206) 263-8404
Lenahan, Jennifer Epidemiologist I (206) 263-3116
Lopez, Ruby Administrative Specialist II (206) 263-8238
Maier, Emily Epidemiologist I (206)
McKeirnan, Shelly Personal Health Services Supervisor (206) 263-8195
Munn, Meaghan Epidemiologist I (206) 263-1464
Page, Libby Charhon Project/Program Manager III (206) 263-8164
Pogosjans, Sargis Epidemiologist I (206) 263-9546
Sonza, Anna Administrative Specialist II (206) 263-8342
Stapf, Christiann Project/Program Manager II (206) 477-3878
Stearns, Steven Project/Program Manager I (206) 263-8226
Tamura, Maybelle Administrative Specialist III (206) 263-8258
Wilson-Weiberg, Kristen Public Health Nurse (206) 263-1992
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Communicable Diseases 206-296-4774
Communicable Diseases and Immunization Hotline 206-296-4949
Food Poisoning or Food Handling Complaints 206-296-4774
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