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Name: Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)
Description: DNRP contains the Parks and Recreation, Solid Waste, Wastewater Treatment, and Water and Land Resources Divisions. It also houses the Historic Preservation Program and Community Service Areas Program.
Parent Group:  
Phone: 206-477-4700
Fax: 206-296-3749
Mail Stop: KSC-NR-0700
Group Location:
King Street Center
201 S Jackson St Rm 700
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Reports To: Christie True , Department Director
Group Contact: Chris Zanassi , Administrator II
Web Link:
Keywords: King County Geographic Information System Center, KC GIS Center, GIS, Parks, Environment, Wastewater, Recycling, Wetlands, Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Water Reuse, Growth Management, Reclaimed Water, Wastewater, Wastewater Treatment, Parks, Recreation, Energy, Climate Change, Air Quality, Historic Preservation
Printable Phone Lists  Staff

Group Employees

Employee Name Title Phone
Burns, Bob Deputy Director (206) 477-4520
Kinlow, Lester Executive Secretary/Assistant I (206) 263-0544
Patterson, Lorraine Chief Administrative Officer (206) 477-2635
True, Christie Department Director (206) 477-4550
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Subordinate Groups

Group Name Reports To Group Phone
DNRP - Director's Office Human Resources  Lorraine Patterson  
DNRP - Finance and Administration Unit  Lorraine Patterson  
DNRP - Historic Preservation Program  Jennifer Meisner  
DNRP - Parks and Recreation Division (PARKS)  Warren Jimenez (206) 477-4527 
DNRP - Policy Unit  Bob Burns (206) 477-4820 
DNRP - Public Affairs Unit  Logan Harris  
DNRP - Solid Waste Division - Director's Office  Pat McLaughlin (206)  
DNRP - Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) Directors Office  Mark Isaacson (206) 477-4601 
DNRP - Water and Land Resources Division (WLRD)  Josh Baldi (206) 477-4800 
DNRP/SWD - Director's Office, Solid Waste Division  Pat McLaughlin (206)  
DNRP/SWD Solid Waste Division - Director's Office  Pat McLaughlin (206)  
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Group Services

Service Name Web Link Service Phone
Athletic Fields 206-477-6150
Community Centers 206-205-5275
Contaminated Sites Cleanup and Development 206-296-8476
Discharge Permits and Authorizations for Industrial Wastewater 206-477-5300
DNRP Annual Training/Travel Plan Coordination 206-263-6571
Drainage and Habitat Improvement (DHI) Program 206-477-4608
Drainage Information Line 206-477-4811
Farmland Preservation Program 206-477-4834
Flood Hazard Mitigation Home Elevations 206-477-4812
Flood Warning Program 206-477-4732
Forestry Technical Assistance 206-477-4800
How to get Curbside Service 206-296-4466
Illegal Dumping Hotline 206-296-7483 or 1-866-431-7483
Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Regulations - Enforcement 206-477-5300
Investigation of Wastewater Discharges to the Sewer 206-477-5300
Land Management 206-477-4575
Monitoring State and Federal Legislation   206-296-3710
Neighborhood Parks 206-205-5275
Regional Trails 206-477-4566
Rural Forest Commission 206-477-4842
Sewage Treatment/West Point 206-263-3800
Urban and Rural Self-haul Services 206-296-4466
Waste Reduction & Recycling 206-296-4361
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